Welcome to my blog!

My name is Palma and I’m a freelance translator and Digital PR based in Milan, Italy.

My blog is my personal magazine about my interests: travel, beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyle.

I’m Hungarian and so far the posts are in Hungarian, however I plan to write in English too in order to reach a wider audience.


My blog has a solid audience of thousands of followers and an active presence across the social media platforms.

My demographic is 80% female, mostly aged 25-45 and engaged to interact. I also have a solid following of ladies aged 18-24 and I’m proud to have many 50+ readers as well.

Most of my followers live in big Hungarian cities such as Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Pécs or abroad: Milan, Rome, London and Wien. They travel a lot and are interested in lifestyle related topics.

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Most recent collaborations: Bonprix, BrightMe, Sweet You, Hooks, Herbarting, Útipoggyász Webáruház, JuccWork, KicsiYu Design, Noi Design, Ziziart.

Please click here to send me a message. You can contact me in Hungarian, Italian, English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Thank you very much in advance.